2023 Projects

Humanity Seekers Cooking for More Good by More Good, Justice Centre & Humanity Seekers

About: More Good aims to utilise its experience in the food and hospitality industry to nourish those in need with quality ingredients and thoughtful cooking. Nutrition and taste are at the heart of every meal that we serve out of our kitchen in Chai Wan, which we then directly distribute to the local community and partner charities.

The Project:

  • Provide the opportunity for refugee and asylum seeker communities to be a force for good, offering their time and skills to prepare and distribute meal donations to their own communities as well as other partner charities.
  • Provide vulnerable groups who can’t afford nutritious food on a daily basis with healthy and balanced meals.
  • Provide refugees and asylum seekers with 6-months of training and mentorship to develop job and life skills to enhance their future.
  • Strengthen connections between the refugee community and the local community, dismantling social exclusion and biases through collaboration.

Justice Centre Hong Kong

Peace: A New Literacy by Peace Generation & The Hong Kong Association of Heads of Secondary Schools

Peace Generation is dedicated to building a culture of sustainable peace in Hong Kong. We do so through education that is engaging and experiential. We value sharing and co-creation, and work closely with teachers, students and many other stakeholders in secondary and tertiary education settings.

The Project: 

  • Develop students’ ability to resolve and transform conflicts in school
  • Empower students to promote peace in their school community through their own peace initiatives
  • Develop, co-create and pilot test a peace education curriculum

Light Up Together by Running in the Dark & Runnerful

Running In The Dark believes that the experience of darkness can inject positive messages into society, allowing both visually impaired individuals and the general public to ” Every cloud has a silver lining.” Through various experiential classes. We enable the public to gain a deeper understanding of the daily experience of visually impaired people.

The Project:

  • To make society truly understand the needs of visually impaired individuals and change the misconceptions and biases that some of the community commonly hold about them.
  • Cultivating empathy in students and participants through seminars and experiential learning, emphasizing the value of life, the importance of perseverance in the face of challenges, the power of positive thinking, and the transformative impact of the stories shared by visually impaired individuals.